3 Reasons Why Branded Apparel Works

  • Sep 1, 2017

When we talk about business branding it's all about image, design, color, consistency, and messaging. We want to make sure when people see us or hear from us, they associate us with our brand; the old "Top of Mind" factor. After we have created a logo, our messaging, website, marketing materials, and advertising, we still need to tie in branded apparel.

Branded apparel can be good for a number of reasons. Let's look at 3 reasons why branded apparel works:

  1. It Builds Your Brand - When people are seeing your brand on the internet, in advertising or on a store front they see the visual brand. Add that brand to something you are wearing and it creates the emotional side to the brand. There is a smiling face or a knowledgable individual that is now attached to the brand. It also creates BUZZ. If you or your employees are outside the office, your brand is like a walking billboard. You get free advertising everywhere you go. Think about adding assorted apparel like: hats, shirts, jackets, vests and sweaters to the mix. The more people see your brand, in a variety of different ways, the better.
  2. Creates Team Bonding - Employees who wear branded apparel:
    1. Save money on work clothes as they are wearing a uniform or branded outfit to work. It makes getting ready for work easy.
    2. There is a greater connection between employees as they see each other as part of the branded family.
    3. When employees are happy, your clients and customers will be happy.
  3. Allows for Transparency - People want to know who you are and what you do. By having branded apparel, it allows customers to identify you and your employees not only in the workspace but when you are meeting them outside the office or at their homes. It creates a sense of trust and security when you are easily identifiable.

As you look at your marketing remember that branded apparel can take your brand to a new level with consistency, uniformity and trust.


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