WebDecoder® provides innovative interactive marketing solutions to businesses which allow them to engage with their customers across multiple advertising mediums. We drive traffic to your websites, facebook pages, social media sites, events, trade-show booths, retail locations and more.

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Supercharge your next event by providing an engaging user experiance with the Mobile WebDecoder. Create excitement for participants by offering a unique promotion for chances to win prizes, special offers or discounts.

The WebDecoder program can be used for keynote events, grand openings, tradeshow exhibits, break-out sessions, seminars or any event that you want to interact on a one-to-one basis with your target audience.


The VirtualDecoder is used to engage consumers on a website, kiosks, mobile phones, social media sites without the necessity of a physical game piece.

The participant interacts with the VirtualDecoder and decodes the hidden message or secret code. Our VirtualDecoder is a complete digital promotional solution that does not require a physical game piece for consumers to participate.

The hidden image and decoding filter are displayed on-screen once participants provide required registration data.

Programs can be run on stand-alone micro-sites, included with video or movie trailers and other online content, or integrated into existing websites or Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

  • Integrate in to Facebook
  • Mobile Programs
  • Social media intergration
  • Multi Play Option
  • Customized VirtualDecoder
  • Instant Win Programs
  • Sweepstakes
  • Increase Opt-in


The participant receives the CTA (Call to Action) from in-store signage, social media, clients web site, TV ad, radio, newspaper, magazine, etc.

  1. Participant texts a unique keyword to 40691.
  2. SMS message with game link is delivered to phone.
  3. Player clicks link and is sent to game play page.
  4. WebDecoder message is delivered, user places phone behind decoding station or sees staff.
  5. Hidden image is decoded and secret code is entered.
  6. Randomized prize notification is delviered with redemption instructions for prize or value offer.